Our Story

Entrepreneurial Centers of America (ECA) provides superior services by taking a holistic approach in developing and advocating for small businesses.  Our commitment and dedication to entrepreneurship has been carried out over a span of 20 plus years. Our organization started with humble beginnings coordinating business education courses as evening classes for adults in high school cafeterias throughout North Texas. Our courses grew by demand and we eventually added business planning and a funding locator service to our offerings. As time progressed ECA became a certified Technical Assistance Provider and signed millions of dollars in small business loans on behalf of the U.S. Small Business Administration.  As our company continued to grow it went through various market shifts and economic downturns; but we refused to let go of the reigns and held to our commitment to the small business community. Today you find us as we venture into new frontiers with our commitment and dedication still intact as we expand our education and training programs into online courses and workshops. We have also shifted our focus and in addition to entrepreneurs, we offer services to those we term soloprenuers or practicing professionals that often find themselves working as a one man or a one woman shows.

Our Commitment to You

Moving your idea forward, registering your business name, and opening your first business bank account didn’t happen overnight.  Your journey began with the formulation of ideas and staying true to them until your dreams began to manifest. At Entrepreneurial Centers of America, we not only coach, consult, and educate entrepreneurs, we empower them to bring value to their customers and build a brighter future for them and their employees.

An Incredible Journey

In business entrepreneurs desire to have someone to bounce ideas off of or brainstorm with that speaks that unique language called “business.” At ECA we have established ourselves in the market as the premier organization that speaks the language of entrepreneurs. Our services begin with an initial consultation, and our courses are either instructor led or have a facilitator.  At ECA we have a team of experts who are dedicated to your goals and objectives and committed to supporting you in your efforts. As an entrepreneur you are embarking upon an incredible journey; and we appreciate your allowing us to bare witnesses as you work towards financial security and the achievement of your dreams.