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What We Do

Business Development

As a Technical Assistance Provider for the U.S. Small Business Administration, ECA has a proven expertise in providing business counseling, consulting, and coaching to businesses at various stages of development. Our brand awareness in the market represents our success in working with start-ups, early growth-stage businesses, and businesses in need of loans, grants, and various types of funding. Our clients are introduced to a process that we call our Five Star Coaching Model. This unique model of business development sets our clients off on a pathway that entails a five-step process carried out over a period of six weeks. As our clients’ progress through each of the five steps we continue to coach them towards entering or re-entering the market utilizing one of our signature marketing methodologies.  

Courses and Workshops

ECA offers a range of facilitated courses and workshops. Our business courses and workshops cover such topics as: Business, Management, Marketing, Finance, and Sales.  Our Continuing Education Courses (CEU), and professional certification and licensure courses and workshops cover such topics as: Insurance Adjusting, Workmans’ Compensation, and Life Coaching. Our courses and workshops generally take a few hours to several weeks to complete depending on the content and intended outcomes. Each of our courses entail independent and self-paced study combined with some level of staff facilitation. Our workshops entail independent and self-paced study and are instructor led via lectures, advisory, and study halls. All courses and workshops include unlimited coaching and advisory via email throughout its duration. Depending on the nature of the course, each course will award a course completion certificate, a certification, or license. Some courses and workshops will also log CEU credits.

Business Solutions

At ECA, we take a holistic approach in developing small business.  Our approach ensures that our clients have access to a broad range of substantiating services in order to firmly establish their businesses; grow their business; and maintain their business.  You may reach out to us by phone or email at any time. Contact us if you find that your business is in need of assistance with: Business or Marketing Plans; Accounting, Income Tax, or Payroll; Business Law, Corporate Structuring, or Legal Services; Social Media, Marketing, Advertising, Web Design, Promotional Materials, or Printing; Debit and Credit Management, Insurance, and Investing. At ECA we are committed to providing these services that we refer to as “the extras” either in-house, through referral to our network partners, or by researching any products or services that your business may find itself in need of.  

Popular Courses


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